Moving and Packing Tips

 Packing Everyday Dishes and China:

  • Once your carton is assembled, turn it upside down and tape bottom with at least two strips of quality sealing tape.
  • Turn box right side up and start with an approximate 3-6 inch layer of padding on the bottom of the box using newspaper or preferably un-printed newsprint.
  • Wrap each dish individually and stand up on end, side by side.
  • Continue with this procedure until you have a snug row of dinner plates as your first row.
  • Add another layer of cushion using the crumpled newsprint.Your next row can be salad bowls, soup plates, saucers and cups or glasses.
  • Again wrap each piece individually and stand up on end side by side until the row is snug.
  • Lastly, add some more crumpled up paper so there is no room in the carton for shifting.
  • Seal with tape and mark your box for proper placement at your destination.

*We offer for sale a complete line pf packing material. Or we can provide you with a complete or partial pack, depending on what fits your needs.”

Dresser Drawers:

It varies with each piece but as a rule of thumb, most nightstands can remain full, as long as it is just clothing and no other personal belongings, books, etc.

Triple dressers should almost always be emptied.

Armoires should almost always be emptied.

Desk drawers should be emptied. You can secure pens and pencils with rubber bands or baggies that seal.

If you have any doubts about proper packing, our knowledgeable representatives are only a phone call away.

*Please keep in mind that all your furniture will have to be at an angle at some point; either coming out of your home or going up the ramp into the moving truck and that anything loose in a drawer may get lost by sliding out. This is why we ask that you pack most items in dresser drawers. There are exceptions and you can always ask a representative in our office any packing question.

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